Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sense and Sustainability

There's been a certain amount of grumbling about the log fire in my Archdruidical lodgings. How can we  claim to be a sustainable community, some ask, when there are all those logs being burnt? What about the CO2?

Well you're all wrong. The point is - that wood was grown in the grounds of the Great House, and it's being burnt here. More trees were planted to replace the ones that were cut down to burn. It's all short-term carbon, not like burning nasty diesel or natural gas. It's all part of the circle of life. We even chuck the ashes around on the kitchen garden to spread the potash.

If we used fossil-fuel powered chain saws to slice the logs, we would be adding to the carbon footprint of my log fire. But that's not a problem, because they are sliced up by Beaker People using whatever saws happen to be available in the woodshed.

And the good news for other Beaker People, as you sit shivering in your rooms this evening, is that healthy, wholesome, holy physical exercise will help you to get warm.
So if some one could nip out to the woodshed and split some logs for me, that would be great. I get a toasty study, and you will feel the warm glow of physical exertion. And Mother Gaia will be just that little bit cooler.
Everyone's a whiner. Sorry. Winner. Winner.

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