Saturday 4 December 2010

A Septillion setting suns

Stunned  by the announcement that there are 3 times more stars than previously thought.

Which gives one pause for thought. Because that means the previous estimate was 2 septillion out.

One could fall down with amazement at the stellar incredibleness of it all. Reflect that the Universe is a stunning thing. If one believes in a Creator, one could be astounded at just how great a Creation reflects its maker.

Or, if you're Drayton Parslow, you could gloat.

Drayton's hatred of astrophysicists, paleontologists and zoologists - the  "Evil Trinity of Science" as he calls them - is well known. And he's ever so pleased to hear that, with last week's allegedly finest tools, they were 2 with 24 zeroes after it out. It proves, he says, that we are wrong to place our faith in the scientists and their fallible tools.

But I have to reflect that, given his estimate of "a few thousand or so" stars in the universe, even last week's woeful under-estimate was closer than Drayton's.

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