Monday 27 December 2010

Traditional Boxing Day - or not - Activities

Normally after a long period of "religious relaxation" like the last two days, the Beaker People would be too busy avoiding daylight and sudden sounds to get too over-excited on theological matters.

But because yesterday was Sunday, and the day before that Christmas Day, instead there's all sorts of controversy going on.

Drayton Parslow turned up this morning carrying a football and asking if everyone was ready for the traditional Boxing Day football match. We told him that the football match was played yesterday, that after 90 minutes were up they buried the dead and delivered the critically injured to MK General, and could he clear off? But Drayton, who for reasons we can't quite comprehend has turned up in Hunting Pink, responded by charging down the upper floors where many Beaker Folk were still softly sleeping, blowing a hunting horn and shouting "Tally Ho".

With a group of tired and hungover Beaker People now threatening to amend the tradition and hunt Drayton across the fields and hedges of Central Bedfordshire, I was forced to call an Emergency Mini-Moot.  This in itself took a while to arrange, as Burton Dasset ploughed through the Greate Booke of Rules to work out if Emergency Mini-Moots are allowed on the feasts of apostles. He pointed out that there was nothing in the Booke to say we were allowed. We pointed out there was no mention, anywhere in the book, of us not being allowed. In which case, said Burton, whether we can hold an Emergency Mini-Moot is critically dependent on whether we adopt an Æquiprobabilist or Probabiliorist attitude towards the holding of Emergency Mini-Moots.
In the end we tied Burton up and left him in the Refectory while we got on with things.

So the question was - is today Boxing Day, as Drayton claimed, or is it "The Monday off after Christmas", as others claimed?
In the "today is not Boxing Day" corner, Marston alleged that Boxing Day is always the Feast of Stephen, and since that's never transferred from Sunday, today is therefore, being St John not the Baptist's Day, not Boxing Day.
But Drayton's argument was that Boxing Day is the traditional day for post-Christmas sports. Yesterday being a Sabbath day, when football, boxing, hunting and cricket are all forbidden to gentle Christian folk, today must surely be Boxing Day. Most people just asked us to get a move on so they could all go back to bed.

In the end there was nothing for it but to refer to the Even Biggere Webbe Page of Rules, i.e. Wikipedia.
This told us that today is the Statutory Holiday for Christmas Day, and tomorrow is the Statutory Holiday Boxing for Boxing Day. So we were all wrong.

Since today turns out to be a Statutory Holiday, several of the more activist Beaker Folk have now gone off to make Tory Statues as a traditional activity. We'll be pushing the statues off the roof of the Moot House later. Meanwhile Drayton has gone off in a huff to try and find a fox to chase around. He's not using any hounds, and he's unlikely to catch one, so we're pretty sure he's not breaking the law.

With thanks to @kneewax for the inspiration.

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