Wednesday 15 December 2010

Appropriate use of technology

Dear all -

Following my recent travels, I have discovered the excitements of Foursquare! Mrs Hnaef has encouraged me to check in whenever I go to any location (they're called "venues"), and then anyone can find out where I am! She says that this is "excellent use of technology", and very similar to cairn-building, and so appropriately Beakerish!

When I first broached the subject with our lady Archdruid, Eileen seemed less than impressed, but a hurried discussion, at Mrs Hnaef's prompting, seems to have changed her mind. In fact, the Archdruid even suggested a setting on my mobile telephone which allows it to update my location automatically, with no intervention from me!

I look forward to sharing my exciting journeys with you all!

Yours, Hnaef.

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