Monday, 13 December 2010

He setteth me upon high places

I've had a number of worried Beaker People approach me concerning Drayton's approach to his own and other people's safety while repairing the roof of St Bogwulf's Chapel.

First thing to say is, yes I am pressing for him to get a move on. It's hard enough for him up there as it is, but when the snow arrives again there's a real danger that he might slip off and hurt some-one.

The good news is that Drayton's faith is keeping him going in all this. His conviction that his feet are as those of the hind means he has no fear of falling from the roof, although it makes the purchase of safety shoes tricky. While his belief that the Good News is as a lamp unto his feet means he can happily work all night. I'm not too worried about his lack of sleep as we all know that REM sleep is necessary for processing things you've learnt during the day, and Drayton never seems to learn anything.

But in accordance with good Health and Safety practice I've insisted that he wears hi-viz and a hard hat. Partly because if he falls off at least people will have a sporting chance of seeing him coming and getting out the way.  And partly because, dressed up like that he reminds me of the sort of applicant a "Village People X-Factor" would have rejected.

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