Monday, 27 December 2010

It's the Neanderthals

Once again all the news is of Neanderthals. And not surprisingly, if they were as friendly as this Guardniuand picture suggests. But then, with his healthy mixed diet of beans and Home Sapiens, I'm sure he had a healthy bowel function which would have contributed to general all-round happiness.

A less friendly side of the Neanderthals is revealed in this article, where it turns out that a bunch of Neanderthals may have eaten some of their hairy mates.

This article tells us that Neanderthals mated with Homo Sapiens. Which is odd, because this article had previously told us that they didn't.

Maybe Neanderthals for us occupy the niche that goblins did a few hundred years ago. Mischievous, lurking in the darkness, occasionally stealing Homo Sapiens children, occasionally mating with a modern human. Or maybe the goblins were shorthand for our race memories of our hairy, bigger-brained cousins? It's hard to know. But I'll check the window locks tonight, just in case a few are lurking on the M1 hard shoulder under the new A421 flyover.

Don't have nightmares.

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