Thursday 16 December 2010

The Mayor of all he surveys

I've been following Hnaef's progress around Husborne Crawley with a great deal of interest over the last couple of days.

And I can't help noticing that two places he has totally failed to "check in" to are the Archery School, and the Kitchen.

So I've been having to look after the archery students single-handed. It's not been much in fun this weather. I've been having to thaw the poor little souls out and having to point them in the right direction when they're shooting in blizzards. And then I get home with hands frosted myself, to discover that there's a great pile of crockery and Hnaef off checking into the White Horse.

Eileen says he may be Mayor of Moot House, but that's not getting him off "scraping the frost off the illuminated reindeer duty".

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