Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I have been pondering more theological issues, and have carried out some careful studies. I have a number of clockwork mechanisms, including 2 watches, 1 wind-up mouse, 1 clockwork truck and a comedy clown that has given me intermittent nightmares since my 3rd birthday. I also found a kitchen timer, and was about to borrow this when Mrs Hnaef, pouring herself a cherry brandy, made it clear that it was needed if we were to enjoy any desserts this Christmas. I quickly withdrew from her domain and retreated to my study to carry out my experimentation.

The outcome of my theological deliberations is that the the time of today's sunrise may well only have been predictable to within 3-15% accuracy (or 35-80%, if I was supposed to carry the 7 on the 2nd line). More worrying, if the clockwork predictability of the sunrise is based on clown clockwork, not only may the sun not have risen at all (due to a frenzied attack with a toy cricket bat around my 9th birthday), but it may also have been accompanied by Common Entrance examinations carried out with no clothes on, except a poorly tied dayboy prefect tie, or severe beatings carried out by clangers bearing the visage of our Archdruid.

I am making my way forthwith to present my findings directly to the Archdruid.
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  1. Wonderful thing, science!
    Personally I find reading the runes more useful. Oh and don't forget what may be discovered in the entrails of an owl.


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