Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mrs Hnaef draws the line at geese

In an attempt to make up for the ... um ... marital differences that arose after what Young Keith is referring to as "Waggledance Night", I decided to let my romantic side show this Christmas. I don't often do this, as it has backfired in the past, but I was sure I was on safe ground this time. So, I checked my savings booklet, and on seeing it was fairly healthy-looking, bought Mrs Hnaef a tree for Christmas. It came with a small game bird. This went down rather well.
On the 26th, I followed up with 2 turtle doves. These were shooed outside, but seemed acceptable. Hens (even of a foreign nature) were allowed for the egg-laying capabilities they provide. The calling birds yesterday went down less well, but I'm planning to let them roost in the Moot House.
It was only _after_ she'd received the 5 gold rings this morning that Mrs Hnaef put her foot down. Apparently she doesn't want any more birds around the place: even geese (which I tried to explain make good guard-fowl). "And how much was it all going to cost?" she railed. "I dread to think how expensive those Lords a-leaping would be!"
I tried to explain that peers of the realm were cheaper than one expect, whereas finding maids around this part of the world was something of a challenge, but she was having none of it.
"Christmas stops here," she announced. And I acquiesced. I've found it's best, in the long run.
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