Thursday, 30 December 2010

Good news to the People

Marjorie and I have a new evangelistic scheme! Oh my brethren (and suitably-chaperoned sisters) - this is sure to bring those who walk in darkness flocking back.

We have equipped Marjorie's Ford Focus with external loudspeakers connected to the car stereo. Instead of sullying this audioreprographic apparatus with the heathen "rock and roll", we remember who is the Rock and whose names are on the roll. And so by playing the King James Version of the Bible MP3 wherever we travel, we are equipped to bring light to the dark places - even unto the estates of Houghton Regis and Bletchley.

Being stuck in that traffic jam going towards Junction 11 of the M1 this morning was a perfect witnessing opportunity. As we played the people nearest us the complete Book of Numbers at full volume, I could see the sadness on people's faces as they realised just how far they had fallen. And as the traffic cleared and we all drove off each to our appointed destination, from the smiles in the cars nearest us I could see that they had realised the forgiveness they could receive, and were celebrating their new lives.

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