Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ever decreasing circles

I've no idea what's going on with Hnaef.

I just had a little nap after our six-hour Kirstython. Dancing's great - but in these shoes? And when I came back out I found Hnaef in the Moot House walking round in a complex geometric formation. He told me that Daphne had him lay a load of tealights out in "a symbol of the universal pentecostical hexagon". Then he had to follow the paths through the labyrinth. Which was supposed to give him "a sense of one-ness".
One-ness with what, Hnaef couldn't actually tell me. But it seems to me that he's achieved one-ness with bee-kind. Maybe it was the waggle-dance itself, maybe the smell of burning beeswax. But he ended up thinking he was a bee. Daphne has remarked in the past that he's a bit of a drone, but this probably isn't what she was planning to achieve.
Anyway, he's buzzed off now, leaving just a pool of melted wax on the floor of the Moot House and a vague smell of honey.

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