Saturday, 11 December 2010

After the ordeal

Well, that was a specially depressing evening of Advent woe and despair. The Beaker Folk have mostly gone off to their rooms to contemplate the meaning of the Last Things that we have considered here this evening.
Apart from Young Keith and a few of his mates. They've gone off to the White Horse to drown their sorrows. Especially Young Keith who's had to pull a few strings with the constabulary even to be with us. He forgot which side he was meant to be on, Thursday evening. So he didn't even bother turning up to vote, took a wrong turn into Regent Street and ended up spending the night in Paddington Green. His cover, as being neither a Tory nor a Lib Dem, is blown. And the fact that Husborne Crawley isn't really a parliamentary constituency has come to the attention of the powers-that-be. So his political career would appear to be over, and I think we can forgive him having a couple of jars.

In retrospect I may have over-done it with tonight's music. "Everbody Hurts", "Nothing compares 2 U" and Tom Waits's "Lost in the Harbour" were likely to cause a certain depression to kick in.  The Smith's "Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me" was a downer as well. But oddly enough it was "Bright Eyes" that really seemed to push everyone over the edge.

In fact, as we left this evening, Marston remarked that the only thing that could have made it worse was if we'd all watched the X-factor.


  1. Or, the bottom of the pit, you could have a contestant on the X Factor! Time to get the aspirin out.

  2. For some reason the words "been a" have been removed from my text. Sorry, kind of lead balloon!


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