Saturday, 11 December 2010

A time for re-consideration

Catching up on some news from earlier in the weak - I tell you, it's just been a whirl of woe and disillusion since the new-look season of "Advent" kicked in and I've only just got round to commenting.

Yes, we were disappointed that our attempt to host 2096 alt.worship games was unsuccessful. We felt that we had one of the strongest technical bids.  Indeed, we could have hosted them tomorrow if we had needed to.  Literally, given that all it requires is to erect a large yurt in the grounds and scatter an assortment of silk scarves and pebbles around. And we had a strong bid team of Marston Mortaine, Alfie Knee the 93-year-old left-half for Husborne Crawley FC, and a bloke who once met the Duke of Bedford.  However it turns out that the Guinea Pig Folk of Stewartby had what FIAW termed "A more realistic grasp of the finances involved".

Some have questioned why FIAW thought it necessary to award the alt.worship championships so far in advance. I have asked Mr Sepp Yoda, the 900-year-old President of FIAW, whether this is just a transparent attempt to maintain control of alt.worship from beyond the grave, even long after he himself has passed away. He responded, "Bad losers the English are" and then went off to count some more money.

We are now taking a long hard look at our own bidding process. We will have to decide whether it will be worth making another attempt at holding the games when it next comes up for bidding, in 2103 - which at least gives us a long time to get some money on deposit at the current rate of interest. In the meantime all that remains is for us to go out and bring home the Golden Tea Light from Iona in 2015.

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  1. By 2096 silk scarves and pebbles will be mainstream. You need to be looking at standing up to your waists in the sea in the middle of February. That's real Celtic worship for you!


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