Thursday 9 December 2010

The Great Advent Sit-in

Shirty Beaker Folk around the place overnight. They found out the free Pernod* party was postponed until the Winter Solstice, which I thought might be more suited to celebration rather than the pre-Solsticial spirit of grim foreboding I was hoping to inculcate . But now I've got about 30 revolting Beaker Folk barricaded into the Dining Room, singing "All we are saying is give Pastis a chance".

They seem to think that they are in some way involving themselves with the students' action across the country. But as far as I can see they are just demanding the right to drink themselves stupid for a period of time at someone else's expense. And the protesting Beaker People aren't much better.

* Other anise-related drinks also readily available. Consume in moderation.

1 comment :

  1. Sad that they are so revolting against a perfectly logical decision taken in their best interest (the sutdents I mean).

    As for the Beaker Folk, well if anarchy is part of your life style then they have every right to lock themselves up, unfortunately, they are probably alcohol free there, so their voices will soon grow rusty.

    I suppose that you have turn off the heating there, so they won't be there long.


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