Sunday, 12 December 2010

White Christmas?

The weatherpeople are saying that cold winds, rain, sleet and snow are on the way - maybe even stretching through Yule and to the secular New Year.

The Beaker People are ever so excited. Some are already looking out the window, hoping to see some flurries of snow. Even though I keep telling them that they'll see nothing. But then, some of them are looking out for Santa already, so hope maybe springs eternal.

The cancellation of Advent has required a certain amount of re-juggling of the schedule. I'm going to have to initiate a bit of a holding pattern while we come up with some new creative liturgy, so it's going to be pebbles 'n' tea-lights for the next few days, until I have some bright ideas. That's the trouble with cutting edge alternative worship - you can't just pull a book out, work out what day it is and follow the recipe.


  1. maybe you should try tea lights "n" pebbles for a change...

  2. If you are looking for Alt-Worship, I can recommend some of the Enid Blyton Noddy and Big Ears books.

    Pretty basic, but lots of actions that could be shared, and even Drayton might be persuaded to join in.

    And I'm sure you could find some devotional videos on youtube.


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