Sunday, 26 December 2010


Quite an evening, and an early finish, for the Christmas Day Disco last night.

It seems the choice of music was the main problem. Many were expecting a nice candlelit Ceiidh in the Big Barn. Instead of which, Young Keith booked MC Ange from Luton.

Marston in particular was expecting some nice Irish music. And he didn't like it when presented with a load of tracks about hard life on the streets of Luton, of a variety that is apparently called "Stopsley Hip Hop". A heated argument ensued, and being a Lutoner of short temper, MC Ange tried to lump Marston. She missed and instead upset a tray of tea lights and essential oils onto one of the hay bales that were being used as seats.

As the Big Barn leapt into flame, there was an orderly evacuation. However in rescuing what I think are called her "decks", Ange suffered some minor charring. In order to prevent her actually catching fire some folk threw beakers of water from the holy well over her.

I missed all these events, liking to leave this kind of action to the younger dudes. However when she was brought round to see me,  she seemed quite well. In fact she said that, although still cold and wet, she felt spiritually uplifted by the holy water and the prayers, and the laying-on of hands that some spiritually minded but impractical folk had offered for her instead of getting her a towel. And she said she was sorry that the Great Barn was no more.

"Oh," I said, "did you - burn down the disco, Ange the blessed DJ?

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  1. Well done Ange. Blessed ? Not sure, but we could make use of her incendiary talents here.

    From the mini church of R the permanently vexed Greetings!


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