Sunday 12 December 2010

Doing up the House (of God)

In many respects she is a flint-hearted, brass-necked, iron-foreheaded heretic. But still Eileen has been very kind to me.

Allowing me the use of her old family chapel was typical of her generosity. And she has only set me a few minor conditions - such as re-pointing the masonry with authentic lime mortar, once the weather is warmer. And fixing the roof - although, to be honest, that can be quite dangerous in this season, especially as she has stipulated that work can only be carried out from the outside, during the hours of darkness.  Yet I can rejoice that I know that "my steps are enlarged, so that my feet do not slip" (Ps 18:36). In due time I hope my steps will reduce in size again, hopefully once the temperature has gone up in the chapel and my feet stop swelling.

I am aware that the Beaker People have returned to the Moot House this evening for Filling up of Beakers. I was never under the impression that my chapel's popularity would abide for long - for surely the people of the earth are fickle and unfaithful, swayed as they are by offers of free doughnuts and mead.  But  the tightrope-walking Baptists are still with me - although I am still disturbed by some of their translations, as in their unlikely belief that St Paul was converted "on the rope to Damascus". And also by their refusal to use a safety net, on the grounds that "underneath are the everlasting arms".  And Kylie and Kayleigh have kindly offered once again to lead the worship group, once we can find "a suitably hunky worship leader".


  1. And in being kind to you Eileen is kind to us :)

  2. I think there should be photos posted of Kylie and Kayleigh or Kayleigh and Kylie on here! You steadfastly refused to post them on the last one, and insinuated myself and another delightful Lord-pleasing commenter had less than perfect motives for requesting. :)


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