Wednesday 29 December 2010


As we settle down from the post-Yule frenzy and get seriously into contemplating the full 12 days of Christmas, this is a lovely quote on yet another blog of the often-productive and ever-interesting Yew Tree.  Few people have quite as many blogs, no matter how hard they try, and few occupy so many places on the blogroll when they get started.

Now, to the main business. I caught Daphne Hnaef trying to remove the Christmas Tree from the Refectory this morning on the grounds that "Christmas is over". Thankfully, it being rather a large tree, I heard the sound of the chains being attached to the JCB and nipped the removal in the bud.  I believe Hnaef himself has already been constrained to remove his own tree from the Deputy-Arch-Executive-Assistant-Druidical quarters. To make it quite clear, it is Christmas until 5 January. It ends no sooner, and no later, and is officially over when we burn the greenery on Twelfth Night. This is not some made-up, post-modern consumerist spirituality we're peddling here: some of our traditions go back literally years.

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