Sunday, 12 December 2010

Official: Advent Over

That was the quietest Pouring out of Beakers I've ever known. I can't believe they all went off to Drayton's chapel for morning worship. And even drank his awful Baptist fair-trade coffee out of those chipped "Beryl" cups.

So there's nothing for it. Advent is hereby over.

This evening's Filling up of Beakers will now include mead in the beakers, and a generous helping of mince pies. We can then expect Dunstable Doughnuts at every ceremony from now until Yule, when the party really begins.

We're putting "Fairytale of New York" on a constant loop for the rest of December, alternating with "Walking in the air". I've got some reindeer in, and the Little Sisters of the Holy Herring have been trained to perform some beautiful country-dancing displays. So let's party!

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